A sensible nutrition supplement for the strengthening of the immune system as well as for the abatement and therapy of various chronic deseases.

Our nutrition, grown for millennia, differs greatly from that of our ancestors. Nutrition changed significantly because of production industrialization of agricultural products and legislation, especially after the 2nd World War. This is especially true of neurolipids.

Neurolipids had been a natural part of our former Western diet and even considered a delicacy in many places, but have completely vanished from today's menu. There were various recipes for the preparation of brain products. The Bregenwurst in Northern Germany and the Weißwurst (veal sausage) in Bavaria were typical meat products that contained brain. Thus, the necessary brain, spinal- and bone marrow lipids were present in our nutrition. Neurolipids contain trillions of specific lipid molecules. These have various impacts on health. Their absence from our diet may lead to deficiency diseases. From embryogenesis to old age, neurolipids are responsible for the development and regulation of our central nervous system. They ensure adequate development of the embryonic brain, especially within the first 3 months of pregnancy. According to Tallberg (Prof. Dr. Thomas Tallberg, Tumour biologist, Helsinki, editorial remark) morning sickness is caused by a deficiency of neurolipids in the the mother's diet. Neurolipids are necessary for the embryo's brain development. With sufficient supply of neurolipids, optimal functioning of neurological junctions is developed in growing embryos. These ensure an orderly and harmonious transmission of neural impulses among themselves and to the muscles.

According to Tallberg, neurolipids are responsible for mental and motor balance as well as concentration.

Their play a role in:

- Learning
- Intelligence
- Imagination
- Memory
- Intuition
- Innovation and experimental thinking

Furthermore, with the help of neurolipids, the Central Nervous System controls permanent cell formation and regeneration (cell renewal) in adolescents as well as in adults. In addition to that, Tallberg believes that there is also protection against cancer genes.

-Neurolipids lead to a stimulation of the lymphatic system and to an activation of the immune system

-Neurolipids could partly prevent Melanoma and Melanoma Recurrences

-Infections with Herpes viruses could lead to lesions of the Blood-Cerebral-Barrier and to the loss of Neurolipids in association with their controlled strategies for cancer control by the Central Nervous System An increased supply of neurolipids is necessary in this case.

Neurolipids could have a positive impact on the following diseases:

-Burnout, chronic catigue syndrom, low performance in athletes

-Sleeping disorders

-Vegetative dysregulations with pain symptoms as well as Neuralgias (Nerve Pains)

-Allergic reactions are decreased

-A balance of the neurolipids deficiency in the Embryogenesis and in adolescents can reduce autism and ADHD (fidgety syndrom)

-Fibromyalgia syndrom, psoraisis, psoraisis arthritis, fibromyalgia and morbus crohn could be improved through neurolipids

-A permanent deficiency of neurolipids can lead to anorexia and infertility, then again, treated with a supply of neurolipids.


The sufficient supply of neurolipids through the nutrition acitvates the Immune System. Activated by neurolipids, a functional Central Nervous System controls inter alia cell formation and can counteract carcinogenesis. Neurolipids can be used responsibly for the prevention and therapy of various, chronic diseases. They can only be supplied through the nutrition.

Text: MD Heinz Mastall